How the Plasma Cleaner works background information


The Plasma cleaner enables the fine-plasma cleaning of metals and is an important field for low-pressure plasma technology.
The contaminants are solved from the surface into the gas phase by chemical reactions with the ionized gas particles and pumped away by the pumping system.
Therefore the surface is cleaned residue-free and can be treated by a following process step


The plasma cleaner is quick and easy to use as well as being environmentally friendly.



plasma cleaning fine cleaning of metal parts


Fine-cleaning of metal in plasma


Fine-cleaning of surfaces

Plasma Cleaning of metal for the medical industry
Removal of release agent from polymer surfaces before coating
Bonding- or soldering pre-treatment for electronic manufacturing
Soldering pre-treatment for hard-soldering.

Organic residues from the manufacturing process, like waxes, release agents or oil residues can be removed from an items 
surface by plasma-cleaning without any traces. 
Even surfaces on the inside of hollow parts, pipes and blind holes are treated by the plasma.


plasma cleaning of metal hollow parts

Plasma-cleaning of the inside surface of a hollow item.