Plasma cleaner benefits and cost savings

The plasma cleaner can be optimized for your process, many gasses are available and can even be mixed to optimize effectiveness.

0² Oxygen.
Highly reactive O² radicals reactive with surface contamination and subsequently transport it from the surface being cleaned.
Highly energetic oxygen ions ablate the surface on a molecular level.

The O² can be obtained from the Atmosphere by using special oxygen enrichment filters. Eliminating gas storage problems.
The main disadvantage to using O² is the oxidization cam occur which in some cases may not be desirable.

The relatively large Argon ions clean by bombardment. They physically ablate the contamination from the surface

For extremely sensitive applications the process can be optimized to exactly meet the needs of the process, settings pressure and power levels to ensure cleaning with out sputtering contamination on to neighboring parts or causing over heating due to hot spots in the plasma.
The choice of chamber material is open so that no cross contamination of unwanted materials occurs.

If you are not sure about the best conditions, gas or process, please contact us.