plasma process support development

Process support and development.

We have a standard range of Plasma equipment, but also develop systems to resolve particular customer problems. A focus is often not only to resolve a problem or reduce costs, but also to integrate the system into an existing production process.

The process necessary for the plasma equipment can be developed by use and delivered with the equipment. All the systems that we supply have PC controls, and the most important parameters, such as time, power, pressure and gas flow are monitored and presented as a diagram. Hence the process is reproducible and can be associated to the parts treated.

The areas of application are covered in our section “About plasma” these can range from the preconditioning of plastics prior to painting nor bonding to cleaning of metal parts.

Surface modification to reduce friction or to prevent fogging in humid conditions even sterilization and curing of UV inks and paints are now all established processes.

Even high performance polymers such as PTFE, POM, PEEK or PA can be bonded aor painted after plasma treatment.


One of our newest process is what we call Plasma-primer. By the deposition of a coating to improve bonding of paints following a cleaning cycle.