Plasma technology Services

We supply innovative, economical, low pressure plasma equipment and cutting edge processes for surface modification, activation, coating or cleaning.


Plasma chamber PA2200. Trolly loading.


Loading a large plasma chamber used for process development

Trolley loading large polypropylene parts into a large chamer as preperation for painting.


Metal part shown during the plasma cleaning process.

Plasma cleaning of complex shapes

Plasma cleaning to remove organic residues from the production process


Coating services

plasma technology GmbH operates its own systems for process development to constantly optimize system and control technology and coating services. We use our existing system fleet to perform activations, structures, ultra-fine cleaning, and plasma-polymer coatings

on nearly all material surfaces. Whether a small quantity, large quantity, bulk goods, staple goods or yard goods - the available options are highly diverse.

Our coating-service offerings are suitable for companies who, due to small batch sizes, require a plasma treatment only temporarily or who want to bridge over the time until the start-up of their own system.