Plasma systems, Cleaning & surface modification

Plasma technology, a competent partner for all your plasma needs offering world wide support.

Our fully automatic systems range from small for laboratory systems through to in-line and large chambers.
We support you with our expertise from the process and concept optimisation through to the development, final system build and then in service support.

Laboratory and small series plasma systems
Our Smartplasma and Flecto ranges offer you a choice extremely flexible systems that are easy to use and at very competitive prices.

Atmospheric Plasma
Suitable for use by hand or coupled to a robot. As they do not use a vacuum chamber they can be easily and flexibility integrated into existing production lines.

Standard plasma systems for production
Designed for continuous 24 /7 use. The systems cover most of the common surface modification, cleaning or coating needs.

Plasma systems for bulk materials or powders
These innovative system make it easy to process bulk small parts, or even powders to ease later processing or enhance the end materials.

Special plasma systems
Designed to meet your individual needs with competent engineering support to help you achieve your goals.

Large industrial plasma system
Designed for continuous use and for the easy handling during loading and unloading the chambers.


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