Atmospheric plasma treatment

The Plasma-CAT Compact is the compact equipment a perfect introduction to Plasma treatment and surface preoperation.

A special feature is the very compact construction that even allows the transformer to be an integral part of the equipment.

The Plasma CAT Compact produces a hot plasma at atmospheric pressure, which makes it a very effective tool for the plasma cleaning of fats from materials.


Atmospheric Plasma treatment cleaner

The system allows a large effective working distance so that complex shapes can be efficiently and completely treated.
A part from metals, plastics and elastomers can also be effectively treated. 

Detailed description

The Plasma -CAT Compact can be used with standard compressed air or alternatively with with gas and gas mixtures.
The Plasma-CAT Compact is so designed to allow it to be used with robots for a fast efficient process.

Each unit can support up to 2 plasma pistols each. These can be delivered with a delivery tube of either 2, 4 or 8 m in length.

Atmospheric Plasma equipmentAtmospheric plassma cleaner


Connection 230 V /50 -60 Hz
Power 800 W / Electrode
Working distance 3 -20 mm
Plasma Width 10 -22 mm